About Us

Neuron Labs School was established to provide a quality educational experience to children. Our philosophy is to preserve and nurture the innate intellectual curiosity and tremendous joy of learning with which children begin life. We are interested in a framework in which intellectual and social development go hand in hand in order to help each child learn the basic ideas, attitudes, values and life skills essential for success both in school and in life.

The philosophy at Neuron Labs School is reinforced by research, which suggests that children benefit from the learning cycle of a well-equipped, nurturing and stimulating environment.

It enables them to fully develop the potential for creativity, initiative, independence, order, and habits of concentration, persistence, and inner discipline. Our children become self-confident learners, respectful of others and of themselves.

Neuron Labs School is dedicated to an educational experience that will help children develop not only a foundation for a lifetime of learning but also a love for life and mankind. We ask not what is in our best interest, but that which is in the best interest of the child.