At Neuron Labs School in Pune, we recognize that play activities are essential to healthy development for children in the preschool stage. Our preschool program follows a unique self-developed hands on approach of “Lab Work – Learning by Doing“ pattern where we engage children in activities that both stimulate and influence the pattern of the connections made between the neurons. This influences the development of –

• Fine and gross motor skills,
• Language,
• Socialization,
• Personal awareness,
• Emotional well-being,
• Creativity,
• Problem solving
• Learning ability

The caringlearning environment at Neuron Labs School is filled withtools and scientific equipment that help children comprehend the complex world around them. Right from our preschool, the focus is on applying logic at the core of every learning engagement. The preschool program at Neuron Labs School is designed to introduce every concept and reinforce it with a very systematic approach – be it reading, writing or speaking.