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Neuron Labs is dedicated to an educational experience that will help children develop…


To empower every learner with all the skills that she/he may need by kindling the natural instinct to learn and achieve.


Our purpose is to make a positive difference in every learner in our Universe.


Fostering Creative & Critical Thinking in Every Child at Neuron Labs.


Language Mastery: Unleashing Potential, One Word at a Time."


Committed to Holistic Development for a Brighter Future.



Neuron Labs School in Pune was established in 2010 to offer an authentic and progressive educational system for children. Our endeavour is to be a school with greater voice and more direct involvement in the decisions and policies affecting the education of children. Neuron Labs School is one of the most innovative schools in Pune. Neuron Labs offers Preschool and primary school education, making Neuron Labs one of the most sought after schools in Pune.

Neuron Labs school epitomizes the very essence of what an ideal school should be:

Neuron Labs School is a popular choice for parents among pre-schools in areas of Tingre Nagar, Dhanori and Vishrantwadi in Pune. The learning program at Neuron Labs fosters independence at all times, creativity in thinking and a focus on individual growth and development. This is what sets us apart from other schools in Pune, and makes us unique.

We invite you to tour our website to learn all about Neuron Labs School and the programs it offers and look forward to welcoming you and your child into the Neuron Labs family.

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