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9 Summer break learning for children in Pre school Pune


Pre school Pune has the opportunity to explore, learn, and have fun outside of the classroom during their summer holidays. We’ll explore nine interesting learning activities in this post that are geared toward pre-schools in Pune. These summertime activities, which range from outdoor exploration to artistic endeavors and interactive web materials, are intended to stimulate and pique the curiosity of young minds.

Nature Walks and Outdoor Exploration:

-Urge parents to accompany their preschool-aged children on walks around Pune’s parks, gardens, and natural reserves.
-The best school in Dhanori emphasizes the advantages of outdoor exploration, like improving observational abilities, cultivating a love of the natural world, and promoting physical activity.
– To make the experience engaging and instructive, propose tasks like gathering leaves, recognizing plants and flowers, or seeing various bird species.

Art and Craft Projects:

-Give play school in Pune preschoolers easy craft and art ideas that they can do at home or in scheduled sessions. Stress the value of self-expression and creativity in the early stages of a child’s development.
– Suggest arts and crafts such as collage-making, clay modeling, finger painting, and nature
-inspired artwork made with discovered things from nature walks.

Storytelling and Book Reading:

-The pre school pune suggests that during the summer break, parents should be encouraged to read and tell stories to their preschool-aged children.
– Make recommendations for a range of kid-friendly books, such as interactive touch-and-feel books, storybooks, and picture books.
– Emphasize the advantages of storytelling for the growth of children’s imagination, language, and parent-child bond.

Cooking and Baking Together:

– Through easy and secure kitchen activities, introduce children to the joys of baking and cooking.
– Offer kid-friendly recipes that can be followed to make easy meals, snacks, or sweets. Stress the importance of cooking’s educational components, like measuring ingredients, following directions, and discovering new cuisines and culinary methods.

Sensory Play Experiences:

– Using items like sand, water, rice, or sensory dough, create sensory bins or stations to delve deeper into sensory play.
– Talk about the advantages of sensory play for the development of fine motor skills, cognitive function, and sensory exploration.
– Give suggestions for themed sensory play activities, like sensory bins with a beach theme, sensory trays with rainbow rice, or playdough creations with scents.

Virtual Field Trips and Online Learning:

– Emphasize that online preschool Pune has access to internet learning resources and virtual field trips.
– Suggest age-appropriate educational YouTube channels, apps, or websites that provide interactive learning opportunities.
– Talk about the advantages of online learning, like having access to a wide range of course materials, having flexible scheduling, and having the chance to explore ideas outside physical boundaries.

Science Experiments and STEM Activities:

– Use easy and interesting activities to introduce young children to the wonders of science.
– Offer concepts for practical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) projects that encourage inquisitiveness and the use of problem-solving techniques.
– Stress how inquiry-based learning and exploration may pique kids’ curiosity about science and technology.

Music and Movement:

-Encourage young children to express themselves via movement, dance, and music.
– Offer advice on how to build musical instruments at home or plan dancing parties.
– Talk about the advantages of music and movement for emotional expression, coordination, and physical growth.

Gardening and Planting:

-Encourage toddlers to cultivate their flowers, herbs, or veggies to foster a connection with the natural world.
– Talk about the fundamentals of gardening, such as preparing the soil, planting seeds, providing water, and tending to plants.
– Emphasize the educational benefits of gardening, including acquiring knowledge about plant life cycles, environmental conservation, and the value of fostering living organisms.


Preschoolers in Pune can keep exploring, learning, and developing during their summer holiday by partaking in these nine learning activities. There are several ways for kids to learn about the world and develop a passion for lifetime learning, whether through hands-on STEM activities, creative projects, virtual learning environments, or outdoor exploration. Let’s, as parents and educators welcome the summer break as an opportunity to foster our kids’ curiosity, inquiry, and joyful discovery in Pune.