Parent’s Speak

Mr. Arup Deore wrote

Hello Ma'am,

During the summer camp Khushi learnt about gardening and at home she planted corn seeds and helped them to grow. Secondly inspired by Santosh sir, Khushi also started learning photography by herself.


Arup Deore

Khushi Katariya's father, Mr. Chandan Katariya wrote

Where do I begin? Probably before the school year even started, when I heard such nice things about you. Based on popular opinion, I expected great things -- and I have not been disappointed.

Khushi my younger daughter, she being youngest in family, she is always been a pampered child. I had tears in my eyes when she has performed in her first stage performance last year on "Hawan Karenge". As I said she is a pampered child she always need someone's attention when she is either playing or dancing, eating, sleeping

Coming to this year, Poonam (Khushi's Mother) was excited when she noticed that Khushi has started to finish her Lunch Box. Earlier, in her Lunch Box food was snacks like Cheeselings, Biscuits etc. but now I was surprised couple of weeks back Khushi asked her mother for Sauce –Roti/Sabzi-Roti…

I can see positive developments in Khushi like she is more responsive that last year, (may be she is growing) but I believe it is her teachers and school taking energetic part in her development. Khushi now a days sings Barish, Little Lamb, Quack Quack (I don't know she mesmerises). It's comforting to know that not only is Khushi getting a great education, but she is happy at school as well.

Thank you for all your hard work. We truly appreciate it.


Chandan Katariya

Harsha Prakash's mother Mrs. Vanitha Prakash wrote

Harsha feels very happy whenever she receive star, we can note a big smile and she will share what she did in school. She has started to recognize the Alphabets,tremendous improvement in colouring. By looking at the cow in the milk packet, she said 'amma this is cow, cow gives milk'.

Am happy to see the way she interprets.

Haren Sriram's mother Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Sriram wrote

Dear Madam,

I am mother of Haren.S of L1 group.I would like to thank from bottom of my heart personally to entire team of our school.Practically,its not easy to meet everyone in person,thus conveying it through email.

Firstly I would like to thank Santosh Sethuraman Sir for guiding me and showed a right path to chose playgroup for my son as I was keen to put him in nursery and also clarified all my queries with lots of patience.

Secondly I would like to thank Lakshmi Santosh Madam for supporting and guiding us at each and every stage. "We shall never give up"., your assuring words with a optimistic smile motivated me and created a positive spirit in my mind when my son was refusing and crying to go to school.It boosted my confidence level when others were comparing my child with other kids.

Thirdly I would like to thank each and every teachers and support staffs who always had smile in their face with lots of patience when my son refused to cooperate or adjust to the environment.

My special thanks to entire team of Dream Decade Montessori and Neuron Labs for believing each child is unique and treating kid with lots of care and patience and not forcing the littleone's when they are not interested and training them to be independent.

We observed following things in Haren in 4 days leave.

1.Improvement in interaction skills.

2.Everyone at home should join our palms and say we shall overcome one day .....Deep in my heart and soon.

3.We have never taught the books provided by the school at home but was shocked to see he identifies and tells all the rhymes in the book.We gave him the periwinkles book as Haren insisted to give him the book.

4.He was repeatedly asking me to tell the fox and grapes story and he used to say fox was hungry and jumped and finally end up saying grapes are sour.

We were much surprised Haren was teaching stories and rhymes to us and made us repeat several times in 4 days leave.

We have never taught him stories ,so we are sure that he learnt it from school. Thank you very much for improving the skills in Haren.

Kindly request you to conduct session for parents to teach story telling as it would be helpful to teach them at home.

Thanks & bestregards,


Sanskruti Rout's mother, Roshni Rout wrote

Dear Ma'm,

Sanskriti is very excited with the new school,new uniform and with great zeal and excitement she is enjoying each and every beautiful moments of school.This is shown from her excitement when she comes from school and shares about the school,about her friends and aunty(teachers) and asks everyday whether school is there or not, she gets sad when the school is not there on the next day. She shares with me about how she got stars,what has been taught or written.

Another new thing I observed in her is she is just doing the whole activity of the classroom showing a small skit during her play or leisure time, right from the beginning of the morning prayer to the end of the day in the school she spends.In this small skit she is showing us the morning prayer,then how the teacher calls every child teaches them,plays with them etc. She loves to do drawing, makes sun ,moon,her picture and also ours,she gets more fun in those things.After coming from school she keeps her shoes in the stand and tells us that aunty told us to do this coz it is good.She does her own work independently as eating food herself,doing h.w. and keeps her own things in a proper place also.

She is very keen to do her homework and shows lots of interest in writing instead of reading.She is very happy with the maths homework.She does her homework independently and doesn't want me near her to guide or look after her.She shows me after her h.w is over,just to correct it.

Thanks for the effort done by you and feel each child special by giving lots of importance and attention to them.

With best regards from,

Roshny(sanskriti's mother)

Ira Singh's mother, Hetal Singh wrote

Hello Mam,

Thank you for sending the newsletter !! It looks really interesting and I am tempted to find some time this weekend to read it and know what my child is doing .. 🙂

Also, I would like to share my thoughts on the changes I feel in my child - Ira, after joining your school. She is more talkative, expressive and she is really comfortable now in school. Last week, we visited our relatives at my native. Ira has been proved a very disciplined, well mannered child, all thanks to your school and day care. She knows basic manners like, saying 'Excuse me' before sneezing, She never throw waste papers on floor, rather searched for dustbins and also asked her cousins not to throw anything on floor, she kept the dress clean while eating, using napkins while coughing and wiping nose !!! Ohh, I am such a proud mom..

Though I also take care that she cultivates good habits and discipline, your team also proved as a pillar for her discipline building. I got so much praises for raising such a ideal child. I guess, I should share the credit with you guys too. Thanks once again and keep helping parents.


Hetal(Ira's mom)

Ananya Singh's mother Babita Singh wrote

Many Many thanx to Neuronlas team. Ananya has picked up very fast. Her pronunciation and vocabulary has improved.Yesterday she was teaching me about noun.

Definitively the credit goes to her teachers.Once again thanx to all of you.

Shravya Aphale's mother Shubhangi Aphale wrote

Hello Teachers,

I would like to share few things with you about Shravya. Firstly thank you for being so flexible and adjusting Shravya's timings during the assessment days and prompt reply to the notifications over sms, this really puts us(parents) at comfort. Also have seen many progressive changes in Shravya since her school has started. Her attempt to speak in English at home is appreciable. She tries to speak words mostly with phonic sounds.

I have two pictures worth sharing that shows her creativity and concentration. she has molded a clay into an apple with a steam and leaf attached to it completely with her own imagination. And she built a tower with alphabet blocks(this was not a block game though, but a word game) still she managed stacking 64 of them one above the other(which needs tremendous concentration and judgement).

Kudos to all teachers.



Prerit Shroff's mother Urvi Shroff wrote

Hello Sir and Mam,

Please find the attached video and see how comfortable Prerit is in reading. He actually loves reading. Please share your experience as well.

Thanks a lot to all the teachers who are taking this effort.



Jignesh Jain's father, Kamlesh Jain wrote

To Teachers,

I like to tell you a BIG thank you about the great work you have done. Jignesh is singing rhymes for the 1st time at home. We are very happy to listen rhymes. Notably, He love to sing "Barish aayi Barish aayi" when it's raining outside. This is great experience for us because of you all.

I also appreciate the efforts taken on alphabet C and D. Both in writing and saying. You are really doing good. Keep it up and thank you again!

Warm Regards,

Kamlesh Jain

Atharv Saxena's mother, Ankita Saxena wrote

Dear mam,

Just little things to share about Atharv's improvement..

* he is trying to write number names and happy to tell that he got success in writing the spelling of eleven and twelve on his own.

* remembers whole of the phonic song... Which u taught.. Grr 8

* In hindi also, he is able to write vowels, though they have very twist and turns in hindi writing .. Gud practising at school.. Also he is able to recognize and tell all the vowels in hindi as well as in English.

* I can see the improvement in drawing n coloring and mixing of colours.. He is Very happy happy to get the star cards.. The idea behind to motivate kids is really appreciable .. How much you do for your kids.. Awesome star cards .. Very excited for fun Fridays.. Preparing himself for next fun Friday..

* He tells all the poems and activities going in the school.. He felt very proud and showed his activities to his peers in the society. Beautiful concept of making an art and deep meaning of showing his steps towards his own world as if he is thinking beyond the limits, and walking towards it.. Just speechless

* One lovely thing to tell that now he takes bath on his own, takes out his uniform daily.. Getting ready for school by buttoning his shirt. Wearing his pants, belt .. Socks n shoes.. I can see n feel the sense of achievement n success that atharv is getting, Which is really overwhelming for me.. I m now realizing tht he has grown up now.. Behaving like a sensible child... Little bit naughtiness... He is enjoying his journey in skool.. Before going to school, he himself tells me to take his studies for 45 min.. I think it's just because of your school timings that we are giving him more time to learn on his own.

* he discussed with me about cleanliness at home n school, Helps me at my household chores n teach good manners to his sister also...... Now my job is over :

* When he speaks small sentences in English, I can see the confidence n eagerness to learn more English words. Mummy mujhe English bolna aa rha hai..Aur sikha do..

Amazed to tell you that Atharv himself is remembering the spelling of fourteen by making the story that fish needs orange, umbrella needs rain and then teen….. Lovely way to learn.

Really happy when Atharv told me that he has now become a magician. He asked me to say any two numbers and he can add those two numbers... He learnt to add any two numbers upto 10. Not only that he himself wrote five to seven sentences on his own in English which was really great.. He writes about himself.. Unbelievable that he has written all the spellings correct. Happy to see improvement in his handwriting also . his father is like.. Wowwwwww .

I just want to say a big thanks to all teachers n supporting staff at neuron labs.. Specially chitra mam, anjali mam, geeta mam, for taking so much pains for our kids..


Thanks n regards

Ankita saxena

Avni Saxena's mother, Ankita Saxena wrote

Dear mam,

Extremely happy to share about Avni's progress in the school..

* She has improved her pincer grip.. As she can now hold the pencil better.. and started writing alphabets I, L, T..

* whenever she goes to any aunty's house she asks for any activity. She finishes it n kept all things back to the place.. She was appreciated by all my friends.. This really makes me proud n happy..

* she can now recognize red, yellow, green, blue, pink and black colour.. She is developing interest in coloring also.. Thts lovely

* recites beautiful poems like bits of paper, quack quack.. She asks me to behave like mother duck so that she acts like baby duck.. She hides n hug me.. Really touching..

* for recognition of alphabets I m trying some of activities that were discussed in phonics session.. She rubs the alphabet by pichkari on the slate. . Even that picking the thing, telling it's name n try to tell that alphabet from which it start n pronounce its phonic name(although not perfect) when I mixed them with rice or dal, she enjoys.. I played crushing of alphabets also.. Lovely activities u told.. Kudos .. Even she tries to sing alphabet phonic song at home on YouTube.. She sings along with the song

* she told us about the warm n lovely behaviour of aunties towards her .. She loves to go to school. Two lakshmi aunties r divided now.. Badi wali meri.. N choti wali athrv ki.. Kyunki I m a big girl. My little chatter box, Ms avni is continously reciting poems, singing songs n lots n lots of imaginative stories ... She is so so happy with her school.. Funny part is she sings, " MAIN LOVELY HO GYI YAAR NEURON LABS MEIN PADH K, NEURON LABS MEIN PADH K",offo can't stop laughing, when she sings...

She told us about animals and their kids , she knows all...from The time she learnt about wild animals and water animals, she is making stories about them... and treats every animal as her friend..

Happy to see my little princess growing.. Step by step.. Thnx to all for yr love n concerns Waiting for more. Long long list to tell.. But really happy to tell all these changes which we all are noticing from a month.. Her grandparents are very happy to see their doll.. They appreciate school's way of teaching n activities which are going in the school.. I displayed all things which she made in the school...



Ankita saxena

Yutika Mehta's mother, Kanan Mehta wrote

Yutika Mehta's mother , Kanan Mehta sent us a lovely SMS about the things that were shared by Yutika regarding academics. Grade 2 has been reading a book about Beatles. She quizzed her parents about the band and asked them if they knew where the band was from. When her dad told her that he has heard about the band but didn't know where they were originally from, she was happy to share all the details that were shared in class. Their history and social studies unit is on Early Humans and it was really amazing that she went home and told her mother about palaeontologists and how they study fossils and human bones. We did an activity with the children where they all became palaeontologists for the day and went to the garden to study an artefact that was found with the help of magnifying glass and brush as real palaeontologists do.

Zain's Father, Zuber Shaikh wrote

Dear sir/madam

First we feel very happy that you send this newsletter.

Because of it we are understanding about progress of all student.

Now a days Zain is also doing homework at home on his own like he is writing ABCD....... AND 1 to 10 .

Thank you.

Shreya's mother, Sonali Deshpande wrote

Dear Lakshmi

We are very happy to know the progress of the children as well the school.

Here is the some of the shreya's progress mentioned below :-

Shreya speaks mostly in english at home and even in public place, she always use may I , Shall I , please, thanku , sorry....

Also she has developed interest for story books, Snow white is her favourite book. One day we were annoyed when she said to her sister that there is no wicked witch in terrace come lets play....! The day she brought the chef's cap at home she asked her father to wear it before serving food for her. She likes making lemonade of her own and also now chocolate souffle, she even makes cup soup for her.

She gets ready for school on her own and keep saying that she is grown up girl now, she doesn't even like to be dropped for van. She wants to do her things independently. During ganpati immersion she had immersed the ganpati idol made in school without fail. Academically we are happy with her, all kudos to your team...

She does her home work independently. This time she has memorized star poem at school only. She scored full marks in surprised dictation test without any preparation. In maths she has clear understanding, any time if she is asked, she can write 1 to 10 tables correctly, even word problems she does of her own. We don't need to take extra practice for maths at home. More interestingly she always wants to score 'A+' You really have the great team. We have seen you always take extra efforts for every child.

Thanks and regards

Sonali Niranjan Deshpande

Suhayla Rayann's father Md. Amzad Hossain wrote in 2012-2013

Dear Madam,

We came to know from Rayann that she really enjoyed the celebration of Sankranthi. She made til ka Laddoo by rolling it on her palm and then tasting it really made her happy. Not only that she also got immense pleasure by flying kite.

That really help a child to recognize a festival and also acquire some knowledge on social activity and consciousness. We are also very happy to celebrate such kind of festival.

Thanks and Regars,

Amzad & Fatema

Prathamesh Kane's mother Yashashree Kane wrote in 2012-2013

Dear Lakshmi madam,

This is email is for letting you know about the Laddo making activity done at school...Prathamesh told me on the same day,When I asked him about tiffin finishing n sharing. He told me I ate black colored Laddoo...and explained me the way he made it by rolling. I was very surprised n worried whether he ate Soil or so..He never ate soil...But still doubt came in my mind.

When next day u sent notice in diary..then it clicked me. He is demanding for making Laddoo. Thx for the celebration. He is still playing with kite everyday by saying 1,2,3... 🙂

Today he told me about coloring of Train n track..Also talking about coolie,bench n clock...Overall station scene..he's explaining.

Day before , he was telling about Penguin painting with black n white..n told me about his beak. Yesterday he was talking about Painting Flame. Also told about writing Y and X.

Thank you so much for sending homework in mixed pattern, Not only Prathamesh but his friends in our society also enjoyed writing variety letters.



Fiona Goudar's mother Leena Stephen wrote in 2012-2013

Greetings to u all,

Fiona did like the kite very much she was flying it back home,I've kept the kite which was prepared last year ,she was happy to see it, she did tell that she ate ladoo.

She was very much exicted to tell about the artic region,the igloo and eskimos the animals there as seal, polar bear. Also explained about the seasons n the clothes we wear,during the seasons.... I hope she's enjoying a lot, she'll be super excited to tell what all she had done n saw... Thanks to all for taking care of her....

Thanks for informing about every details carried out in school n keeping us updated . Read ur monthly news,its really very nice that all the festivals r celebrated at school, n s it teaches the importance of festivals especially the 1's which we don't celebrate at home. Excitingly Fiona shows the art n craft work that she does.

Last week she was happy to tell about the oval shape, n identifies objects with each shape she previously has learnt. Few observations regarding Republic Day celebrations were really great. She was excited to speak about the National Emblem, n eventually started to explain the details like its found on coins, n has 4 lions.she happily drew Ashoka chakra with blue colour. She was humming the Vande mataram song at home n singing tujhe salaam, really like a true patriotic, felt great......thanks...

She also said about tasting sugar and salt, and said that after seeing milk she did aa.... She's observing clearly n repeats the phonic sounds.



Fiona Goudar's mother Leena Stephen wrote in 2012-2013

Yutika comes home and speaks about Body parts like lungs, naval, intestine, there is pipe in our neck, heart, because of heartbeats our blood circulates in the body, finger pulse. Vegetables- beetroot, (told me mamma bring beetroot I want to taste it.) Carrot, reddish, cucumber, cabbage, tomato, mint, coriander, capsicum. Told me mamma please wash all vegetables before using them. Sea animals, sea anemone, talking about otters told me how otter looks and also about Amphibians animals.

Teachers day.

She told me why we celebrate teacher's day? Teacher's day was birthday of our second president Dr. Sarvpalli radhakrishnan. Everyone told them lets celebrate your birthday but he said no I don't want to cut the cake but we celebrate this day as a teachers day. He wore specs and paghdi. I showed her his photo from Montessori book of general awareness.

She and satakshi became teacher and went to baby class and taught them how to write 'Y' and 'Z'. She helped Juniata and Parth in writing. Prem told story with puppet in baby class. Netra and tanvi taught number roads in baby class.she told me that she was feeling shy when somebody called her baby teacher, but she was very happy. About Story. She told me that lakshmi aunty has two story book of jack and beanstalk one is big and one is small which she got this Friday aunty told them that story from big book.

Story in yutikas words- jack and his mother was very poor they have no food to eat he has no father. One man came (she called butcher) and told jack give me your brown cow then I will give you some magic beans. Jacks mother was very angry and threw away all the beans. Beans grew up, jack was very naughty he wants to do adventure and climb up on the beanstalk he went into the castle he saw some coins and put them in his arms. One bad man was there he said 1,2,3,4,5, I can smell the blood of the English man. May be he's alive or may be he's dead I will crank his bone to make my bread. Jack also found some golden eggs. He was calling bad man master, master and run fast and come down through the beanstalk and bad man was also coming down but jack cut that beanstalk and bad man fell down. She had read storybook of cruella (one hundred and one Dalmatians). She told me to download this animated movie because she saw this movie's advertise on cartoon network.

Progress of yutika which we noticed. In English her vocabulary is increased. She talks in English with confidence. She uses new words like "not required, no need, I am furious, I am delighted." She also starts making spellings like "cold and mint". I asked her did aunty teach this spelling to you? She said no mamma I learned my self and she showed me this spellings in writing and it was correct. In math's she has improved a lot but still some time gets confused.

In backward counting she starts from 15 to 8 very well but get confused after 8. In history she told me each and everything about independence of India. She asked me about "Tax". We explained her about "Toll Tax" while we were going out of pune. I showed her all spices which Britisher's took away. She also told me about" Eid – e-milad". She put my duppata on her head and said "Allah". Rabana didi showed them how did they pray? She told me that rabanadid's God's name is Allah and almost everything about Muslims which you taught them. She loves to know about animals. She loves to see animals channel. We sat with the Montessori book bounties of beauties and saw it her if any animals of that book come on channel.

She also made us purchase the book of wild animals and now she is trying read that book.